Recently Completed Projects

Current Grant Projects

Roundtable Member: CAWST (Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technologies)
Partner Organizations: Sehgal Foundation
Region: Bihar, India
Project: WASH stands for water, sanitation and hygiene. In Bihar, India the water is heavily contaminated and there are few handwashing stations.
Previous water filters designed for India were still too expensive for the most vulnerable groups, so a new water filter was designed. It is much more affordable and made by local potters. Through education and training sessions, CAWST and the Sehgal Foundation hope to increase household water treatment by 50% with this new filter. They also aim to increase safe handwashing procedure by 50%. 
Fig Tree Funding: $15 000
Other Funding: $29 400
Estimated completion date: 
Dec 2022
6-Clean water and sanitation, 3- Good health and well-being.


Roundtable Member: HOPEthiopia

Partner Organizations: None
Region: Seden Sodo, Ethiopia
Project: HOPEthiopia operates a reforestation nursery. At the nursery, watering is a time consuming and labor intensive process. Using a solar pump and irrigation system to water will save a lot of time, allowing more trees to be planted
Using solar power will also have significantly lower operating costs than diesel generators. It is hoped that with this project’s success other projects will also use this model.
Reforestation is a government priority in Ethiopia because of previous mass deforestation.
Fig Tree Funding: $12 500
Other Funding: $5 000
Estimated completion date: 
Jun 2022
13-Climate action, 7-Affordable and clean energy, 5-Life on land. Additionally, the nursery helps with 5-gender equality and 8-Decent work and economic growth by employing 17 employees, with roughly half of the workforce being female.

Current Loans

Roundtable Member: Open to Grow 
Partner Organizations: SERVIGUA
Region: Guatemala
Project:  Open to Grow has partnered with SERVIGUA, a local microfinance institute, to give out microloans to entrepreneurs. SERVIGUA has a high 95% repayment rate and works in small towns where microentrepreneurs have little access to banks and other financing. They also focus on women and the indigenous population. 

Loans let entrepreneurs help expand their business and grow their income so they can improve their standard of living and get out of poverty.

Fig Tree Funding: $40 000
Other Funding: $50 000
Estimated completion date: 2026
SDGs: 1-No poverty, 5-Gender equality, 8-Decent work and Economic growth, 10-Reduced Inequalities