Recently Completed Projects

Roundtable Member: Help Bolivia Foundation
Partner Organizations: Sariry Foundation
Region: El Alto, Bolivia
Project: Help Bolivia purchased computers, desks and a printer for the Tahuantinsuyo Community Centre. The Community Centre serves impoverished children and families in the area. None of the families have computers and the computer lab gave kids the opportunity to attend classes online while schools were closed during the pandemic. Now that school has resumed the computers are used for STEM lessons that the children are not able to get in schools as well as language exchanges. Adults  also get to use the computers in the evenings to improve their digital literacy. 
Fig Tree Funding:
 $ 9 000
Other Funding: $12 000
Completion date: Jan 2022
SDGs: 4-Quality education, 10- Reduced inequalities as the vast majority of attendees are Aymara, an indigenous group has historically experienced unequal access to education and marginalization.