We invest directly in projects that demonstrate strong in-country leadership  and community support with a focus on projects that increase income-earning potential for communities. 

funding process

Fig Tree Foundation provides funding for international development projects that fit with the overall goals of the Foundation regarding sustainability, effectiveness, transparency, and collaboration.

When funding is available, Fig Tree Foundation will issue a call for expressions of interest. Organizations interested in presenting a project for consideration will submit the Expression of Interest form by the specified date to be considered.

Organizations whose expression of interest submissions are accepted will be invited to submit a full proposal.

The Fig Tree Foundation is not currently accepting Expressions of Interest.

Worker working in vineyard

Eligibility criteria

1. Applicants must be an active member of Fig Tree Foundation:

          a. Member at least one year
          b. Must have attended at least one event in the last year

2. Applicants must a Canadian registered charity

3. Must be in good standing on meeting FTF requirements, if they have previously received funding

4. Funding must flow to an in-country partner(s)

5. Projects must align with at least one of the UN SDGs


Project applications are evaluated according to how well they meet Fig Tree Foundation’s goals for sustainability, effectiveness, transparency and collaboration. Applications will also be evaluated on their overall project management. 

Will Fund

  • Social enterprises or businesses 
  • Economic development projects 
  • Projects that foster skill development in the targeted community
  • Projects that provide lasting benefits and promote self-sufficiency
  • Projects that require a maximum of 2 years’ investment
  • Projects that are ready to be implemented in the near future 

Will Not Fund

  • Brick and mortar installations 
  • Requests solely for administrative costs, travel expenses, conferences, or seminars 
  • Applicant organizational capacity building 
  • Handouts 
  • Disaster relief 
  • Support for political organizations or activities 
  • Third party fundraisers
  • Projects that serve religious purposes exclusively